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New client portal (WMS) available!

We have release our brand new Global Freezer WMS (warehouse management system) software for our customers to access their inventory and check all the relevant information about their products 100% online. This software is completely custom made and taking note of many of our client specific needs.

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CO2 Blast Freezing Tunnel – The future?

We are testing in Chile a new technology for blast freezing with the use of CO2 as the refrigerant gas. This innovation achieved great results in efficiency and it is also an eco friendly and more sustainable way to freeze our products. Global Freezer is always looking for more efficient and greener alternatives, innovation is part of our DNA.

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Warehouse construction

Construction of Plant City Phase 1

On January of 2017 we started the construction of Global Freezer – Plant City – Phase 1. This is our first freezer warehouse in the USA, and we are very excited about the future of this complex. It is projected to have 19000 positions available in total. The first phase will achieve the first 6500 rack positions.

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